knowledge about pelvic rejuvenation

knowledge about pelvic rejuvenation

What you need to know about pelvic rejuvenation

Knowlege about pelvic rejuvenation procedures. Even though pregnancy is one of the most rewarding experiences for women, there are also many side effects of childbirth. Stretching and tearing of the vagina and its muscles during childbirth can lead to conditions such as vaginal relaxation. These anatomical changes may alter sexual function and sensation. To put it simply, sexual activity is just not the same anymore.

Many women have expressed concern that after giving birth they no longer feel the same great experience. They would like to know about pelvic rejuvenation procedures. According to studies, sexual gratification for the female is directly related to the amount of friction that is generated during sexual activity. If the vagina has been stretched and widened to new lengths, there is much less friction. Such changes may lead to less pleasure.

Anatomical Changes 

The vaginal looseness comes from the stretching of the vagina that occurs during childbirth. Many women come to realize that the sexual experience they have is no longer the same. A big part of them tends to take longer until reaching an orgasm because of the decreased friction.  

These problems need to be discussed with the appropriate personal physician, gynecologist, or healthcare provider. Most of the physicians will simply recommend doing some Kegel exercises. Unfortunately, the truth is that Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor exercises, simply do not work as well as they should for most people. Many patients feel that these exercises don’t bring any significant changes to their sexual life and so they tend to start looking for different solutions. Vaginal surgery is the way to go in this situation for many women. Surgical operations such as vaginoplasty can greatly improve the functionality of this area.

Finding a professional advise

Chicago is a big city where lots of respectful surgeons work. If you are looking for a gynecologic surgeon from there that you can contact to help you with the vaginal tightening surgery. You can go online and look for professionals there since there is a lot of information that can easily be accessed with a few clicks of a button. Even though these operations are considered to be plastic surgeries, they do not only alter the appearance of your pelvic area but also improve your sexual function. You can return back to your normal sexual activity at about 8 weeks following the procedure.

Management options available

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are becoming more and more popular nowadays. More women are beginning to understand that the only way they can repair the pelvic area is through a surgery. There are a lot of other ways advertised and available on the market such as exercises or medicine. Such conservative approach is never going to be as effective as a reconstructive gynecologic surgery.  Pelvic surgeries are not only extremely efficient but also affordable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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