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Vaginoplasty-Vaginal Tightening 

Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Reconstruction) or Vaginal Tighening is considered our most sought-after corrective and cosmetic procedure which improves the functionality of the vaginal and the surrounding structures including the perineum. The perfect candidate for this surgical intervention may desire the cosmetic and corrective outcome of the procedure.

Most patients obtain a greater degree of sexual satisfaction with this procedure due to the narrowing of the vaginal canal and strengthening of the muscles present in this anatomical area. The cosmetic-restorative procedure may also improve vaginal sensation in this area due to the change in rugation of the vaginal mucosa.

Etiology/Cause includes:

  • Multiple vaginal deliveries may result in tears and relaxation of pelvic muscles, stretching of the vaginal mucosa, loss in vaginal rugae, and ultimately in excessive widening and relaxation of vaginal walls.
  • Hormonal changes, aging, genetic predisposition, weight gain, medical conditions, increasing pressure on the perineum, or excessive physical activity.

Ultimately these factors may lead to tears or changes in elasticity in the areas of the vagina which can create some degree of discomfort and loss of adequate function. The pelvic structures may weaken over time, leaving the vagina vulnerable to stretching or widening of the vaginal walls. The main reason behind the anatomical changes is not only the number of pregnancies and vaginal deliveries but also the aging process.

Anatomy of Pelvis: 



Vaginal tightening procedure: is a plastic gynecological procedure, which involves surgical restoration and transformation of the anatomy of the vagina leading to increased-improved function to enhance experience during sexual activity. Usually, following the restoration of the anatomy and strengthening of the muscular layer of the vaginal canal and the perineum, a significantly better sexual function resumes. 

During the vaginoplasty procedure, the diameter of the vaginal canal is adjusted according to the patient’s needs and prior environmental or physical impact. In addition to restoration and tightening of the vaginal canal, perineal muscles are also repaired (if needed) to tighten the vaginal canal and the opening to the vagina. After adequate healing, the overall diameter and tone of vaginal walls usually result in a significant improvement in functionality. Furthermore, to satisfy the needs and expectations of every patient, the physician performs individualized consultations and examinations of every patient with special emphasis on all anatomical details and desires of the patient. To provide a more detailed explanation and presentation of the procedure, before and after images are also provided for the patient to assure a full understanding and a thorough explanation of the process to satisfy the patient’s needs and possibly provide a realistic outcome of desired surgical procedure.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is an additional procedure that is performed using laser technology to create vaginal ridges (rugae) in the vaginal mucosa. In addition to the transformation of the vaginal surface, it also results in the narrowing of the vaginal canal. 

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