Skin Tightening Pelleve


Our office provides Skin tightening with Pelleve, which involves whole body tightening using radiofrequency technology. Pelleve technology consists of thermal treatment of skin so that collagen contracts without any damage to the epidermis. 

New collagen fibers leads to firmer epidermis providing better skin contouring. Pelleve’s technology emits radio frequency energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. This process ultimately creates new stronger collagen at the level of dermis and firm and tight epidermis. In addition to collagen, new stronger proteins, lead to much firmer skin and youthful appearance.

Similarly, Pelleve technology enables tightening of genital areas such as labia majora and perineum. Usually, the anatomical structure loses its elasticity with age due to decreased estrogen level and aging. As result of the treatment, firmer collagen leads to reshaping of the structures and firmer skin.


 Our patients obtain  the best results by having the procedure done every 2 weeks for 45 minutes in face area. Regarding other parts of the body (tights, abdomen) every 4 weeks for 45 minutes on. Since it may take several weeks to see excellent results, we recommend to wait at least 4 weeks to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. You can schedule an appointment by phone or email. 


Whole Body Tightening & Cellulite Reduction


Recent introduction of the PelleFirm® System provides new non-invasive and pain free RF treatment for the whole body. As a result of RF treatment patients experience smoother skin and temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite. PelleFirm uses two new, large diameter handpieces designed specifically to the larger parts of the body (abdomen). Similar to Pelleve, the new PelleFirm consists of delivery of heat to the dermis, creating new fibers of collagen and ultimately tightening of the epidermis. In addition, it may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, which was also approved by the federal Drug Administration FDA 510 (K).



This video below presents the technique used for skin tightening by Ellman Pelleve S5 applying radio-frequency energy. To achieve the most optimal result, three treatments are recommended for 30-45 min but it is also possible to see results after one treatment. In addition, the same technology could be used for skin tightening of labia majora since the labia elasticity is lost secondary to aging or lack of estrogen as in other areas. To obtain the best effect, the area is treated 2-3 times for 30-45 minutes depending on skin sensitivity and response. Generally, satisfactory results are achieved especially if maintained with additional treatments every 12 months.



If you are interested in obtaining more information, please call the office or email is so we can give you more detailed data.

Our office is also open every Saturday for your convenience.

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