Hymenoplasty is a procedure which entails reconstruction of the hymen. The request is made mainly for cultural and religious reasons. Many women desire or are expected to be virginal at the time of their wedding. The surgical procedure is performed to restore the hymen, which results in pain and bleeding during the first intercourse following the reconstruction. 


Hymenoplasty Surgery

There are many techniques available to provide the desired effect. In our office we utilize a well established surgical approach leading to creation of a hymenal structure which when healed, looks natural, and without any evidence of scarring. The procedure is performed in 45-60 minutes and can be performed in an out-patient surgery center or in a hospital settings under general anesthesia. The mucosa membranes are reconnected using dissolvable sutures. The patient may return to work or regular activities in 1-2 days following the procedure. 


Why Women Desire Hymen Repair?

The following are the most common reasons women seek a hymen repair:

1. Religious and cultural beliefs

2. After rape, sexual abuse, incest to restore normal anatomy

3. Following injury secondary to tampon use, vigorous exercise and prior to marriage.

4. Revirginization, restoration of hymen for women who desire a normal anatomy.


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