daVinci Myomectomy Surgery


daVinci Myomectomy Surgery entails surgical removal of fibroid tumors while leaving the uterus in place using the DaVinci Platform. Following resection of uterine fibroids, the uterine wall needs to be repaired in multiple layers. An adequate repair is required to preserve integrity of the uterus, an essential factor for women desiring future pregnancies. The daVinci technology enables both, removal of fibroids and repair of uterine wall through small incisions (8-10mm) in a precise manner. In addition to excellent 3D view and 10x magnification of the surgical field, daVinci technology provides superb access to any type of uterine fibroids. Unlike traditional laparoscopy, the daVinci technology gives surgeons the option for 540 degree rotation of surgical instruments, which is essential to access the fibroids and perform complex suturing. Because of exceptional visibility and precision, there is usually minimal blood loss, and since the incisions are very small, the post-operative pain is minimal. Multiple uterine fibroids can be resected utilizing small diameter instruments placed via small incisions in the abdominal wall. Women undergoing daVinci (robotic) myomectomy surgery recover fast and are on the average able to return to usual activities one to two weeks following the procedure. Therefore, the robotic platform is an excellent tool to perform the most precise and complex fibroid resection.


Fibroid Uterus


daVinci Myomectomy Surgery can be performed in women before their family planning is completed or in women who desire to preserve the uterus. Each patient is evaluated on individualized basis where a detailed discussion and explanation of risks and benefits takes place. Generally, women closer to menopause are opting to undergo less conservative surgical management, hysterectomy with preservation of both ovaries. The mode of surgical management depends in addition to age on other factors such as the number of fibroids, their location and personal preference. Patients are usually discharged home the day of surgery or are observed in the hospital as outpatient for less that 23 hours after admission to the hospital unit.

daVinci Surgical Field



Benefits of daVinci Surgery

The daVinci Technology relies on robotically- enabled system which given the surgeon the option to operate with an extraordinary precision secondary to many advanced technological characteristics which include the following:

  • A 3D HD view inside your body
  • Wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human hand up to 540 degress
  • Enhanced vision, precision and control since the image is 10 x magnified


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Dr Wolny at the daVinci System Surgeon’s Console


The da Vinci Myomectomy ( Fibroid Resection ) offers the following potential benefits compared to open surgery

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less blood loss and less chance for transfusion
  • Less likelihood of a post-operative complications including infection and bleeding

The da Vinci Myomectomy offers the following potential benefits when compared with traditional laparoscopic surgery:

  • Less blood loss4
  • Better access to more intricate areas in the pelvic area
  • More accurate visualization of operative field
  • Enables more complicated procedures since the surgeon does not get tired as much as by using laparoscopic instruments 



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