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Monalisa Touch Treatment


Monalisa Touch is a new revolutionary  laser technology designed to deliver Co2 laser to tissue treated leading to a much healthier tissue. The mechanism of action for this form of treatment consists of delivering a gradual dose of laser beam to underlying tissue, disrupting old collagen which ultimately results in restoration of a new, healthier, stronger and more lubricated mucosa. Altogether three treatments are required 6 weeks apart to achieve the most beneficial effects from the technology. Additionally, a one per year treatment is recommended in order to preserve the benefits of Monalisa Touch treatment.




MonaLisa Touch Q & A


What is the Mona Lisa Touch?

The Mona Lisa Touch system is an inventive laser treatment meant to address restore vaginal function and reduce discomfort accompanying hormonal changes. This system can address the symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as itching, burning, and dryness by utilizing minimally-invasive laser therapy. The MonaLisa Touch assists patients by stimulating collagen production and rehydrating the walls of the vagina which can help to reduce discomfort and reverse vaginal atrophy.

What Conditions can the Mona Lisa Touch Treat? 

Hormonal changes are a natural part of life for women. Unfortunately, the changes can create undesirable symptoms. When estrogen levels are reduced as a result of menopause, hysterectomies, cancer treatments, or breast feeding these side effects can take place. MonaLisa Touch therapy can treat:

  • Pain with intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Urinary incontinence

What Happens During the Procedure? Is it Safe?

During the treatment, a special fractional CO2 laser is used which has been designed for applications in gynecology. The procedure will not require anesthesia. These factors make the procedure extremely safe. The treatments traditionally take about five minutes. To get the best results, three treatments should be administered over 12 weeks. The procedure should not cause discomfort. If a patient is sensitive, anesthesia can be used.




What Will Recovery Be Like?

The patients can go home as soon as the procedure is complete. Sexual activity should be avoided for two to three days. Following this period, patients can go back to their usual routine. Typically, patients notice a change after the initial treatment. If you are suffering with these symptoms, call the office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wolny.

Who Can Benefit from the Treatment?

Women dealing with vaginal atrophy caused by hormonal changes and are aggravated by these symptoms, particularly pain during intercourse, are great candidates and can experience many benefits. The treatment is also ideal for patients who don’t want to use hormone replacement or undergo surgery. 




Monalisa Touch in Breast Cancer Patients

Given, Breast Cancer treatment is usually associated with radiation therapy and frequently with chemo therapy, patients undergoing the treatment undergo a medical menopause. This condition results in physiological changes leading over time to menopausal symptoms such as memory loss, dry skin, attenuated bone density and vaginal atrophy/dryness. The gynecological aspect is usually to a certain extend omitted but important for most patients. Vaginal atrophy may lead to vaginal bleeding but also may affect the sexual aspect of women’s life. Breast cancer tissue and canner is frequently hormone-dependent; therefore hormone therapy (especially estrogen and progesterone) is contraindicated. Any non-hormonal treatment in breast cancer survivors which restores the quality of the tissue and with it decreases the severity of symptoms, is very beneficial. One of the most recent technologies to serve the purpose in women is laser based Monalisa Touch treatment. 





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