Aesthetic Gynecology

Aesthetic Gynecology procedures are becoming more popular among women of all ages. Nature , Gravity, Childbirth, Genetics, and chronic pelvic health issues are potential agents in undesirable or painful changes to the female vaginal anatomy. Women may experience discomfort during intimate moments or even during day to day activities due to these vaginal changes and changes to the pelvic supportive structure. Vaginal Enhancement is a very personal decision and your choice should leave you in the care of Cosmetic Gynecologyand Medical expertise. Our Board Certified gynecologic Surgeons have over twenty years of Gynecological Surgical experience. We invite you to call us to schedule a complimentary consultation upon viewing the Cosmetic and Medical benefits of Vaginal Cosmetic Enhancements. Termed Intimately Pleasing and Life changing, Our Surgeons use the latest and safest medical technology for results that shape, lift, define and enhance our most intimate areas for better overall functionality and sensual health utilizing surgical and non-surgical approach.  Our Physicians are aesthetic perfectionists with vast Surgical and Medical Aesthetic training and experience in Cosmetic Gynecology. Their experience accumulated over many years of treating women’s gynecological and obstetrical conditions.


Aesthetic Gynecology Procedures

Aesthetic Gynecology Is a relatively new field in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Given the subject is very personal and associated with very in time area of women’s lives; therefore generally not well accepted by the community. In addition, many woman do not realize that certain anatomical variants of genital area are not normal and that they do not need to live with it. Also anatomical and functional changes occurring after pregnancies and vaginal deliveries can be corrected, hence helping the women to regain prior experiences and self confidence. Many scientific studies documented that pelvic anatomical changes (pelvic relaxation) are correlated to sexual function in women who previously had a satisfactory sexual life. Cosmetic Gynecology and Surgical intervention can restore the anatomy and with it the functionality of this structure which leads to resumption of prior sexual experiences. Above statement does not apply to women who have any type of sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is a very complex, multi-factorial condition; therefore any type of pelvic surgery will not correct such causes as depression, relationship problems, primary anorgasmia, or other psychological disorders. ACOG 2012 Statement 

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