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We present you with news on vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty), labiaplasty, perineoplasty and gynecological 

surgery.  The goal of our blog is to provide education in the field of cosmetic gynecology as well as minimally invasive

gynecologic surgery.



How to Manage Ovarian Cysts?

Ovarian cysts or masses are very prevalent in reproductive-age women; very frequently they are undiagnosed, hence untreated which is usually followed by spontaneous resolution within couple of weeks or months. Once ovarian, or adnexal cyst is diagnosed, usually by pelvic ultrasound or computed tomography, a detailed evaluation of all characteristics is performed.

Benefits of Pelvic Rejuvenation

Pelvic Rejuvenation is an advantageous surgical procedure that many women chose to have. In most cases it’s a matter of appearance, and in some instances it can be a matter of medical necessity. Regardless of the reason, there are specialized services that can help alleviate issues that occur with age, child birth, and a variety of other issues that can affect the pelvic floor […]

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